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Redefine Success

High Performance Coaching 

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About High Performance Coaching

Do you have a high-performance team? Are you high–performance individual? Would you like to be one?

I know from experience that achieving high performance and excellence is essential to fully develop our potential. As a Psychologist, coach and former elite swimmer, I know that it is impossible to fully succeed in your discipline without continuously seeking for improvement.

“ELITE is created from the passion and deep conviction of the intrinsic power of an individual when they achieve high performance, developing their talent and maximizing their own potential."

What I do?

I would like to summarize what I do by saying that I accompany you to reflect and raise your level of consciousness, guiding and directing you to define and achieve your goals and ultimately, your best version. To reach your highest level.

My main goal is to be the reference Coach for executives and elite athletes who seek to achieve high performance in their professional career. In addition, fulfilling one of my fundamental values of being able to contribute to creating a better world . I believe that a (psychologically) happy and healthy person has a positive impact on the society in which they live. An individual’s own well-being is good for the well-being of our society and seeing that I can contribute to this cause brings me enormous pride.

“Every journey has its own shoes and in every dream lives a heart”

My added value focusses on the way I empathize and understand my clients’ needs. I offer personal dedication, flexibility and a tailored approach to all my clients.



Maximise your full potential achieving high performance by connecting excellence, happiness and success.

“Did you know that the psychological principles to achieve high performance are the same for any professional activity? ​In order to be the best Executive or the best doctor you need to develop the same key elements as to be the best footballer.

High-Performance Coaching for Executives

High-Performance Coaching for former Elite Athletes


Contact me

Carretera Reial, 159. 08960 Sant Just Desvern


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Mireia Marquès

Directora de Recursos Humanos – Azucarera

Sara is a responsible and committed professional. She is always willing to listen, advise and guide you in the best way. She has the ability to empathise and steer in the right direction. It is natural to feel close to Sara, and she is capable of navigating with ease in all industries given her extended experience. She is a trustworthy, reliable, organised and a highly analytical person who contributes to any project related to people and strategy, always adding up to the organisation.


Maria Villegas

Principal Consultant HSBC - UK

Sara has a very approachable personality, she is someone who listens and has the ability to understand you and your needs in a very short time because she makes it easy to open up as you feel you can trust her immediately. Sara is able to analyse without being too analytical, and has the ability to easily understand the way she can help you better. She listens and can steer the conversation where you need to very subtlety and without asking too many questions. Sara is very intuitive but at the same time she's able to reflect upon any topic to ensure you can bring the best out of yourself. Sara demands so much of herself that she always knows your own capacity to grow. Sara gives you wings. 


Matej Zupancic

Gaming Sales Director

It was a casual conversation that Sara and I had over a year ago. We went into different topics from personal to professional life. Her reasoning, solutions seeking and challenging my views left me amazed. Sara has been my professional coach for a year now and her advice and intuition keeps on reminding me why having her as a coach improved my critical thinking and problem solving. I highly recommend her to anyone that wants to challenge their own way of thinking.

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