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“I don’t coach because I am greater than you. I coach because you are greater than you realise.”

Hi! My name is Sara, founder of ELITE - High Performance Coaching. I am passionate about people. I am committed to listening, sharing and practicing empathy. Empty your mind and focus on listening so I can guide you and come with you in your journey to high performance. My main values are: honesty, loyalty and commitment.


I am a Psychologist, coach, former elite athlete and mother. My life is based in these four wonderful pillars. I was always an active, restless girl, wanting to live and do great things, bigger things than me. My first contact with Psychology was at the age of 12, through my sporting competitions; it couldn’t have been any other way. I was in a pre-competition meeting when I had the opportunity to meet the team's Psychologist and it was then when I was clear about my life goal.

Until I got here, I have gone through moments and experiences of all kinds, both personal and professional. If there is something common in all of this, it is the learning and the "never giving up" that will remain with me forever. At the age of 25, I decided to go to London to live and work. Three of the best years of adventure in my life, until today. Learning that being brave consists of being scared to death, but not believing it?

"My life is based in these four pillars: psychology, coaching, sport and maternity."

I was an elite swimmer, runner-up and champion of Spain in the disciplines of 100m butterfly, 200m freestyle, and 4x100m relays, and a water polo player, competing at national and international level. I am shaped by thousands of hours of training, triumphs, failures, disappointments, excitement, joy, sorrow, ups and downs, effort, sacrifices, hard-work, discipline, camaraderie, teamwork, leadership, motivation, and resilience.


At 10 years old, I would get up at 5am to go to training and for a long time my life was training, competing and studying. While my classmates played games, did activities, attended birthday parties, etc. I happily and with a lot of sacrifice, trained, competed and studied. My life revolved around that world. I know what it means to perform under pressure and live with it day by day. I know what competing entails. I know what it means to prepare for a Championship and get injured. In short, I know what it means for life to break you and shatter you in as many parts as necessary for the light to penetrate you. To not give up and continue fighting to achieve what you truly want and for what you have been battling for so long.

My career

Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from the University of Barcelona.

Executive Program for Leadership & Professional Development and Coach Certification in Tavistock Institute London, UK.

Coaching Certification Management by values - Simon Dolan, CCE – ICF.

High Performance Coaching Certification - Elite Institute Toronto, Canada.

Experienced People Director and Executive Coach, with more than 10 years in People roles.

Strong leadership approach proven track record of success in an international environment, having worked across Europe, Asia, USA and LATAM in Multinational companies as well as Startups and SMEs.

Dynamic, enthusiastic and energetic. Flexible and being able to adapt to complex environments.

A good communicator and I am really approachable with exceptional team building skills. Being customer and results oriented.

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